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Harry's Summer Adventure
article by Connie Fisher

The Sedona Geomagnetic Effect
article by Connie Fisher


Spiral of Invention
video by Connie Fisher

How I fell in Love with Celtic Music
article by Connie Fisher

Connie Fisher's online Book of Thoughts

Michael Valenzuela
Aztec Medicine Man, Tempe AZ

Uncle C.K. Ganyo
Master Drummer Dancer of Ghana

Public Service Announcement
from Deep Space

Harry Bunny Kitty

The Guitar Case Salutation
Yogi Harry Bunny Kitty
shares his knowledge of this ancient rite

Out of Africa's Eden
The People of the World

The Legend of the Tuar-Tums
Apache Legend of the Little People
Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Lost Tribe of Little People
Miniature human species that lived on a south Asian island 18,000 years ago


The King & the Artist
A Traditional Folk Tale of India

Vintage Eden Hot Springs Ads

July 29, 2013 Grand Sextile

African Dance

Music of Brazil


The First Band
A Biblical account


Best of Pepper Spray Cop
Interent Meme

Challenge of a Human Being

Bharata Natyam

Bharata Natyam
The Classical Dance of South India

Lord of the Dance

Tom Kenyon archives

Cannibal Corpse Lounge Music
Chaser's War on Everything

The Secret
Chaser's War on Everything

Porn Road Test
The Chaser's War on Everything

San Francisco 1905
A streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area. Remarkable footage of the turn of the century lifestyles.


Frank Zappa 1986
Zappa defends free speech on Crossfire

Best of the Pepper Spray Cop Meme

Cell Block Tango
from the movie Chicago

Razzle Dazzle
Richard Gere sings a song about litigation from the movie Chicago.

Carmen Amaya 1961
Carmen Amaya is considered by many to be one of the greatest flamenco dancers who ever lived.

Carmen Amaya - archival clip
Queen of the Gypsies

Eisenhower 1961

President Kennedy 1964


The Girl Who Silenced the World
Severn Cullis-Suzuki was only 12 years old when she spoke before the UN earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

WC Fields

Sqwuigilum WC Fields 1941
Never give a sucker an even break

Some Very Serious Topics
We can have an adult conversation


Dizzee Rascal Dream
Hello boys and girls

White and Nerdy
Weird Al Yankovic

Bjork - Human Behavior
If you ever get close to a human
and human behaviour
Be ready, be ready to get confused

When a Girl Finds a Magic Lamp
I'm really starting to dig this chick!

Photoshop Spoof 

CD Baby article


The Destruction of American Music and How to Save It
article by Kieran Ridge

The Five Tibetan Rites
Exercises for healing, rejuvenation and longevity

Subgenius Media Barrage Tape
Praise "Bob"!

"Bob" Dobbs

Subgenius Pamphlet
You'd PAY to know what you REALLY think.
“Specializing in Fraudulent but Profound Explanations for Inexplicable Manifestations Since The Future Began.”

Sat Kartar

Sat Kartar
My friend & inspiring kirtan/chant artist

Amber Polo
My friend & wordshaper

South Indian Classical Music

Ansul Noor
Poetry, Photography and Artwork Haven


Flury and Company LTD
Collection of Edward S. Curtis

Asian Art Exhibitions
Source for Asian Art on the web

Indian Temples on the web


Art Project - powered by Google


Flintstones Cigarette Commercial
The Flintstones' first season on ABC, the original sponsor was Winston Cigarettes.

Like a Boss Uncensored Version
Take us through a day in the life of The Boss

Dick in a Box Uncensored Version
Saturday Night Live's holiday favorite


Malric Kittens


Friskies Remix
Psychedelic remix with 8 Miles High

Estoria do Gato e da Lua

Estoria do Gato e da Lua
animation by P Serrazina

Ross Sisters 1944
Solid Potato Salad, boy, take a plate, fill it up and bring it right back!

Ross Sisters - Heavy Metal remix
There’s just something creepy about those Ross Sisters. And some death metal helps accentuate it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Two scenes of famous French insults

Monty Python Football
International Philosophy
Germany vs Greece


The Ghost of Stephen Foster
The Squirrel Nut Zippers

Hamlet - Harry Enfield
Just too, too tediously brilliant!!

Association Football - Harry Enfield
Mr Cholmondeley-Warner


Women Know Your Limits
Harry Enfield - BBC comedy

Ken's Dating Tips: Tip #48

Auto-Tune the News #6

Auto-Tune the News

Auto-Tune the News #7


Donovan 1966
Donovan sings, Shawn Phillips plays the sitar on this lovely clip from Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest. Originally aired in 1966.

Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide

Timelapse of Phoenix Haboob
July 5, 2011

Timelapse 2 of Phoenix Haboob
July 5, 2011

Evolution - Fast Motion Virtual Beauty
No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

Follow the Sun by MK12
Retro Animation


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